The Last Honky Tonk Hero album cover

The Last Honky Tonk Hero

Mike Dawson and The Smokin Kills

  • Release 2021
  • Genre Rock and Roll, Blues, Country, Folk Rock

Debut album “The Last Honky Tonk Hero” official release August 25.


Side One
1. The Last Honky Tonk Hero (Dawson/Kamp) 3:32
2. Poor Boy (Dawson) 4:24
3. Friday (Dawson/Fosmark/Hutton/Kershaw) 3:31
4. Suicide Tuesday (Dawson) 3:57
5. Circling The Drain (Dawson/Fosmark/Hutton/Kershaw) 2:54

Side Two
6. Another Southern California (Dawson) 4:23
7. Watching Hollywood Burn (Dawson/Kamp) 4:31
8. Wannabe (Dawson) 4:03
9. City Of Angels (Dawson) 4:25
10. Where’s Jesus? (Dawson/Kamp) 4:15
11. East Haley Queen (Dawson) 4:20 | CD bonus track

The Smokin Kills are:

Mike Dawson (vocals & acoustic guitar), Tyler Kershaw (drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, bgv), Kevin Fosmark (electric & acoustic guitar, bgv), Ted Russell Kamp (bass, dobro, Hammond b3, Wurlitzer electric piano, acoustic & electric guitars, percussion, bgv)

with additional badass performances by:

Angela Petrilli (electric guitar on “Another Southern California”), Tim Marcus (pedal steel guitar on “City of Angels”), Tim Hutton (bass and bgv on “Circling The Drain,” bgv on “City of Angels”)

The Team:

Produced by Ted Russell Kamp
Mixed by Mark Rains at The Station House
Mastered by Dave Donnelly at DNA Mastering
Recorded by Mark Rains at The Station House, Ted Russell Kamp in The Den, Tim Hutton at The Canyon Hut, and Mike Dawson at The Nohoasis

  1. "The Last Honky Tonk Hero" sampler Mike Dawson and The Smokin Kills 2:37